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What should I give my daughter for her 19th birthday?

“What gift should I give my daughter who turns 19 in January?” asks reader Shanthi Subba Rao in Toronto. Globe Style’s fashion editor Odessa Paloma Parker says “Do you remember being 19? You might recall it as being the time of your life, as fuzzy as the memories are.” She says the perfect birthday gift will allow your daughter to remember her experiences at a key time in her life:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a record of all the experiences you had as you embarked upon adulthood? Though we live in a world where every idea is tweeted, shared and commented on, one of the loveliest gifts you could give your daughter is a space to gather her thoughts, privately; what better venue than a beautiful journal for her to jot down travel experiences, triumphs and heartaches.

It’s very rare to find gifts that give meaning to someone’s life. A journal, like this one from Rifle Paper Co., not only serves as a catalogue of your daughter’s dreams, but also as a reminder that her thoughts and ideas are valid, deserving of space, and worthy of reflection. It’s probable that one day she will look back and laugh at many of her entries, but that’s what life is about.

You can never give the gift of time, but a space to document its passing is the next best thing.

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